Slips and Slides: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Hi Ladies!!

I want to start by giving a huge shoutout to all of the beautiful, powerful, and incredible women in the world. One day is seriously not enough to celebrate us, honestly everyday should be a celebration of women everywhere.

My mother and grandmother are the strongest women I know, I see their strength everyday and growing up surrounded by such powerful and hard working black women shaped me into the force I am today. My Grandma raised three children by herself, worked her ass off to provide a roof, electricity and food for her family. Barbara worked a mid shift at PG&E came home to be with her kids when they came home from school everyday, then went right back to work for an evening shift. #Hustle.

Felicia, my mother, is the boldest, sassiest woman I know, willing to do whatever to take care of her kids. She is a cancer survivor and although she can’t work, she tutors and takes care of and tutors the children in her neighborhood while their parents are at work.

This day is for the Barbara’s and Felicia’s of the world!

Now I want to talk about furry slides, I have to be completely honest, I was not a fan when they first came out, but they are growing on me, I haven’t taken the plunge to buy especially because I’m not sure I can completely endorse real fur, but I do have a pair of Uggs, but I didn’t buy them!

I took three that I thought were super cute, which one appeals the most to you? Are you more of a Puma Fenty Girl? A Givenchy Girl? Or a Brother Vellies Girl?

Let me know below!



Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Collection Fashion Show in Paris was absolutely incredible, during which, she unveiled what I am sure will sell out minutes after hitting the shelves. #NoteToSelf: Get on the wishlist ASAP! She brought her iconic slide back with a satin twist. Ladies, what do you think? Will you be buying?




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