Sticking To What You’re Good At

Hi Ladies,

Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a way better Monday than I did. Yesterday was a dozy for me, I woke up and my body just was NOT here for it! My allergies have been bothering me for the past few days, you know the sneezing and the itchy throat stuff, but yesterday I’m pretty sure my allergies teamed up with a heavy duty cold to knock me on my ass.

I really tried to push myself yesterday to keep on my grown woman hustle, I did my make up, got dressed and went to work, and then the body aches hit me. I wimped out and took my sad butt home, took off my makeup and crawled back into bed. So I hope that you all had a much better day than I.

For this particular blog post, I wanted to reflect on something that was on my mind lately. I’ve been working diligently on StyleRedu, focusing on my branding, creating interest and out reaching to potential clients to say “I’m here and for hire!” My main source of outreach has been social media, using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. That’s quite a lot and some people do that and more.

I have always prided myself on knowing what my strengths and my opportunities are and playing to them. For instance, I can’t do math, I can barely add, so in college I made sure that my major reflected my passionately creative and attention to detail side and NOT anything that had to do with math and science. This worked for me and I excelled.

That said, I’m learning to understand what my strengths and opportunities are in terms of my outreach. I truly enjoy/am addicted to Instagram, it is a great way for me to reach thousands of people and show off my flair for style through my style sets (outfits I create through Polyvore, if I could style Rihanna and Beyoncé) and my personal style. Facebook is a way for me to stay connected with friends and family, my biggest supporters, and for me to double expose those photos I use on Instagram for people to “kill time” and view.

I’m honestly still trying to discover my role with LinkedIn. But Twitter for me has been a struggle. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never really enjoyed twitter or cared that much about it. So today I deactivated my twitter. I did this because it was taking up precious energy that I could be allocating to something else, and besides I wasn’t very good at it.

Much like me yesterday, being at work coughing and being pitiful, I was useless, so I had to go home, rest and recharge so that I can make today my bad-motha-shut-your-mouth.

How are you identifying your strengths? And once you’ve identified them, how are you making the most out of your day, career, and goals? I’d love to hear about it below or you can email me at! 

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