Meet Jasmine


My name is Jasmine Wyrick, I’m a Bay Area native who believes that a Rockstar and lipstick can get you through most of life’s challenges. During college at California State University, Sacramento, I always held a job that allowed me to provide customers with incredible service. Working as a server taught patience, retail introduced the ability to instill confidence, pride, and happiness to people.

In 2014, fresh out of college with a B.A. in Art History, I joined Nordstrom in their Management Internship. I learned how to develop and maintain a clientele, and provide an experience that was personal and intimate, I showed men and women that style is something that exists inside them, not something found on a runway. I am a style enthusiast, and a stylist in mind body and spirit!

StyleRedu is a platform where I can show people how to put together a statement piece, or how to prolong a trend past it’s expiration date. It’s a place that isn’t one-size-fits all, although I fully believe in clothing that adheres to this statement! I invite you to join me as I build my brand one accessory at a time!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the work and passion I put into each post!