Back to Square One

Heyyy Ladies!

Boy, has it been a long time since my last post. A lot has happened since March, both good and bad, and you know, I’ve had to do a lot of thinking and self reflection during this time.

I have my styling company, my blog and also my Instagram and Pinterest pages, I’m also working as a content creator for an amazing shoe company based in Seattle called Fuchsia Shoes, and all of this is on top of my very demanding day job where I work as a consultant in the Tech Sales industry. Basically I have three full-time jobs.

Earlier last week on Monday, I received an offer from one of my clients to work exclusively for their company and on Wednesday I ended up fainting at my day job in the middle of a company training (I had been battling flu like symptoms for weeks). It was chaotic, dramatic, and so embarrassing. More than anything, it was a slap in the face that one, I was not well, and two, I was doing way too much with little to show for it. 

Have you ever tried working on way too many projects at once and only to have all of them suffer. That was me and honestly, I realized that you can only push yourself so far before your body will force you to sit down.

For the past 5 days of being stuck in my house, slowly moving from bed to couch and back to bed, I did a lot of thinking. I ended up dropping Fuchsia, I really liked working with them, but I was stressing so much building up their website and blog for free, while my own website and business was dying in the wind. I seriously needed to get back to basics and become a master of one, instead of a failure of many.

My day job is here to stay (for now) because a girls gotta eat, but my blog, business and social media needed some attention and a plan. But right now, at this moment, my main concern is getting healthy and staying consistent. For those of you who have stuck with me and checked my blog, only to find the same unchanged content, thank you. I’m a work in progress, and creating a brand and business on my own is not easy, but I’m not giving up. With that being said, I do need your help, I would love to know what you’d like to see? What I could do better, and what you love? Let me know in the comments section, or in an email. I love hearing from you, and I am listening!




Victoria Beckham For Target

The biggest lie I’ve ever told myself:

I’m just going to run to Target for eye liner.

An hour later, I’ve seriously spent $200 and I have everything for my home office, and I’ve usually forgotten my eye liner!

Target has just gotten a little more dangerous. On April 9th in stores and at, Victoria Beckham will launch a line available in sizes XS – 3X. The pieces will price from $6 – $70 AND this amazingness will only be available until April 30, or while supplies last! From this point forward, this is not a drill!

There are four collections to shop from and what I love about them is that they are all very feminine styles with a modern twist and I can see Victoria wearing every piece. She even has lines for Girls, Toddlers, and Babies. You can find them online here!

Check out the collections below! I’ve already made my wish list, what are some of your favorites from her line?

Pop Floral

Circus Scallops

Clever Bunny

Pressed English Flowers

English Lace

Victoria Beckham For Target 10


Are you going to be checking out Victoria Beckham’s Target line on April 9th?

Happy Friday… I Mean Thursday!

Hello Ladies,

Happy Thursday! Go ahead and let out a breath because the week is almost over and we are one step closer to the weekend where ALL the shenanigans can begin!

I’ve been having a not so great week; I’m dealing with allergies, a common cold, and work place annoyances and honey, I’m not here for it! But creating these little style sets make me happy and this little bit of creativity makes things just a little brighter! Also the weekend is coming! 

Side note: Wouldn’t this be the most perfect little brunch outfit?

I created this set about a week ago, and I simply love it. I think it’s a really pretty outfit and if I could, I would put Viola Davis or Lupita Nyong’o in this! I think both of these ladies radiate light and this set is just that, sunshine.

See anything you like? Shop this set below!


Hello Sunshine Set

Carven Striped Silk Midi Dress STYLEBOP.COM

Maison Margiela Leather Mules STYLEBOP.COM

Marni Patent-Leather Shoulder Bag *SOLD OUT*

Longines La Grande Classique Stainless Steel Watch LORDANDTAYLOR.COM

Links of London Diamond Essentials Sterling Silver & Pave Heart Necklace SANDSPOINTSHOP.COM

Dina Organic Silk Scarf BLACK.CO.UK

Linda Farrow Lucite Cat Eye Sunglasses MODAOPERANDI.COM

I totally almost forgot it’s TGIT! Hey Scandal! 

Maybe this would have been a lovely outfit for Liv if she and Fitz ever got their happily ever after? What do you think?

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Something Green

Hi Ladies,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy TGIT for all my #ShondaLand lovers out there. After the work day is over and the green beer starts to flow freely let us always remember to keep it cute even after a few cold ones!

What better way to keep everyone around you green with envy than in a sexy off the shoulder striped ruffled top and a full midi green pleated skirt. Go ahead honey, show them what you’re working with!

Don’t worry if you already have something else planned to wear, this outfit will look great all throughout spring!

Shop this look below!



Happy St. Patty’s Day Set

Milly Off The Shoulder Striped Blouse FARFETCH.COM

Rochas Full Pleated Midi Skirt FARFETCH.COM

Kendall and Kylie Lucite Bootie *SOLD OUT*

Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Medium Printed Textured-Leather Tote *SOLD OUT*

Henri Bendel Duchess Stone Linear Earring HENRIBENDEL.COM

Lemonade iPhone 7 Plus Case And Cover CASETIFY.COM

Thierry Lasry Women’s Wavvvy Sunglasses BARNEYS.COM

What will you be wearing today?

Sticking To What You’re Good At

Hi Ladies,

Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a way better Monday than I did. Yesterday was a dozy for me, I woke up and my body just was NOT here for it! My allergies have been bothering me for the past few days, you know the sneezing and the itchy throat stuff, but yesterday I’m pretty sure my allergies teamed up with a heavy duty cold to knock me on my ass.

I really tried to push myself yesterday to keep on my grown woman hustle, I did my make up, got dressed and went to work, and then the body aches hit me. I wimped out and took my sad butt home, took off my makeup and crawled back into bed. So I hope that you all had a much better day than I.

For this particular blog post, I wanted to reflect on something that was on my mind lately. I’ve been working diligently on StyleRedu, focusing on my branding, creating interest and out reaching to potential clients to say “I’m here and for hire!” My main source of outreach has been social media, using Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. That’s quite a lot and some people do that and more.

I have always prided myself on knowing what my strengths and my opportunities are and playing to them. For instance, I can’t do math, I can barely add, so in college I made sure that my major reflected my passionately creative and attention to detail side and NOT anything that had to do with math and science. This worked for me and I excelled.

That said, I’m learning to understand what my strengths and opportunities are in terms of my outreach. I truly enjoy/am addicted to Instagram, it is a great way for me to reach thousands of people and show off my flair for style through my style sets (outfits I create through Polyvore, if I could style Rihanna and Beyoncé) and my personal style. Facebook is a way for me to stay connected with friends and family, my biggest supporters, and for me to double expose those photos I use on Instagram for people to “kill time” and view.

I’m honestly still trying to discover my role with LinkedIn. But Twitter for me has been a struggle. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never really enjoyed twitter or cared that much about it. So today I deactivated my twitter. I did this because it was taking up precious energy that I could be allocating to something else, and besides I wasn’t very good at it.

Much like me yesterday, being at work coughing and being pitiful, I was useless, so I had to go home, rest and recharge so that I can make today my bad-motha-shut-your-mouth.

How are you identifying your strengths? And once you’ve identified them, how are you making the most out of your day, career, and goals? I’d love to hear about it below or you can email me at! 

Slips and Slides: Which One Is Your Favorite?

Hi Ladies!!

I want to start by giving a huge shoutout to all of the beautiful, powerful, and incredible women in the world. One day is seriously not enough to celebrate us, honestly everyday should be a celebration of women everywhere.

My mother and grandmother are the strongest women I know, I see their strength everyday and growing up surrounded by such powerful and hard working black women shaped me into the force I am today. My Grandma raised three children by herself, worked her ass off to provide a roof, electricity and food for her family. Barbara worked a mid shift at PG&E came home to be with her kids when they came home from school everyday, then went right back to work for an evening shift. #Hustle.

Felicia, my mother, is the boldest, sassiest woman I know, willing to do whatever to take care of her kids. She is a cancer survivor and although she can’t work, she tutors and takes care of and tutors the children in her neighborhood while their parents are at work.

This day is for the Barbara’s and Felicia’s of the world!

Now I want to talk about furry slides, I have to be completely honest, I was not a fan when they first came out, but they are growing on me, I haven’t taken the plunge to buy especially because I’m not sure I can completely endorse real fur, but I do have a pair of Uggs, but I didn’t buy them!

I took three that I thought were super cute, which one appeals the most to you? Are you more of a Puma Fenty Girl? A Givenchy Girl? Or a Brother Vellies Girl?

Let me know below!



Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Collection Fashion Show in Paris was absolutely incredible, during which, she unveiled what I am sure will sell out minutes after hitting the shelves. #NoteToSelf: Get on the wishlist ASAP! She brought her iconic slide back with a satin twist. Ladies, what do you think? Will you be buying?




Real Talk: Love It, Or Hate It?

Hello Ladies, so it’s been almost a week since Remy Ma “laid Nicki to rest” and only a few days ago since Nicki Minaj was in Paris, COMPLETELY UNBOTHERED, but that’s another story.

What I’d like to address is this interesting half-top trend. The half-top trend is exactly what it sounds like, half of a top, and not horizontally. Nicki was seated front row at the Haider Ackermann show, showing all of her assets:


Nicki is wearing, a Mugler top, Givenchy shorts, Alexandre Vauthier shoes, and lest we not forget, Agent Provocateur pasties. She also sports Veronique Leroy oversized violet shades. How Marisa Berenson, Caroline de Maigret, and Lou Doillon kept their eyes on the models is beyond me! Such dedication, because I know myself and had I been seated in Lou Doillon’s (far right) seat, I would have been trying to fix her top and covering her single buxom bosom.

Now, I am a woman, and I like to think of myself as a feminist and a semi-nudist in my own right; I’m from Berkeley, CA home of the nude hippies! But I am NOT okay with this trend. Although, my reasons may not be what you may think.

I do not endorse her look because I think it’s really, really, fucking ugly. A bit tacky as well. 2016 and 2017 have reigned the year of the boobies, but this look doesn’t do it for me, it really looks like she is suffering from a wardrobe malfunction and just let it ride. I’m sure she wanted to make a statement, and she definitely did, but I would have preferred something a little more put together.

Nicki Minaj


Ladies, what do you think? Too much? Just right? Is this something you could get behind? I’d love to know, leave your opinion below!

Sheer, Mesh, Casual, Trendy

Hello Ladies! Happy Monday, I hope that everyone survived the case of the Monday Blues, and started the week off right in true girl boss hustler fashion!

Today I want to talk about a trend that is growing in popularity, mostly in the celebrity world, but I’ve been seeing it around town as well, the sheer EVERTHING movement. As I write this, I had to set aside the cookie I was eating because this movement is all about leaving nothing to the imagination and looking amazing while doing it.



Today Kendall Jenner stepped out in a very sexy, hip-exposing mesh leotard and boyfriend jeans in Paris and reaffirmed that her body is legit! The bodysuit is by Sami Miro and I mean honestly, she did that!

High neck, hip-baring, with just a chic fabric of denim to cover her ladybits, Kendall is just one of the many celebrities modeling what I’m sure will be the hottest trend as the temperature rises.




Now personally for me, I’m not sure if I’m quite ready yet, but ladies, what do you think? Is this a trend that you can get behind? Let me know below!

My Love Affair With Black Monochrome

Hi Ladies!

I have a serious love affair with the color black, it goes with everything, it works well on everybody type, most importantly, I feel beautiful in what I’m wearing.

Here are a few of my favorite black-on-black looks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Recently I’ve been trying to force myself to wear more color, but I always manage to buy more black clothes… maybe twice a year I’ll dedicate a day to color!

In honor of my obsession, I created a set that will appeal to everyone’s darker side! As always, the links to the pieces are below the set. Enjoy!


I Heart Black Set

Love Moschino Layered T-Shirt Dress FARFETCH.COM *Limited Sizes Available*

Reason Militia Splatter Bomber Jacket DOLLSKILL.COM *Markdown*

Topshop Double Fishnet Tights *Sold Out* *Cute Alternative*

T.U.K. Shoes Black Velvet Rose Snake Nosebleed Boot TUKSHOES.CO.UK

Vetements “Securite” Cap *Sold Out* *Cute Alternative*

Prada Women’s Cinema Sunglasses COGGLES.COM

What’s your monochromatic obsession?

When It’s Completely Fashionable to Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Hi Ladies!!

I love all of the heart patterned shift dresses popping up everywhere, and due to the recent holiday and the adorable inspiration I’m feeling. I created this set. I saw this House of Holland dress and I loved the bright contrasting colors, there are clashes of florals and stars and hearts and it all works together in this groovy, Indian-inspired pattern. I off-set the bold patterned chaos of the dress with a denim jacket with a “Love Me Tender” message printed on the back.

The thigh highs would be my favorite, they are pink velvet and they scream “I’M A NASTY WOMAN!” What a better way to command attention? Check out the set and as always if you see something you like, you can go to the links to buy. I’m not making any money off of this, I just want to share the love of fashion!


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve Set

House Of Holland Twill Mini Dress MATCHESFASHION.COM

Love Me Tender Denim Jacket HIGHHEELSSUICIDE.COM

Christelle Blush Crushed Velvet Thigh High Heeled Boots PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM *Markdown*

Jimmy Choo Vivy/S Sunglasses NET-A-PORTER.COM

What piece is your favorite? Let me know below!